Wallsend’s Forum Shopping Centre Bought By NewRiver Retail.

The Wallsend’s Forum shopping centre has been bought by new owners.

The Wallsend Shopping centre’s future has been in doubt since it’s former owners went into receivership in July 2010, however, NewRiver Retail has acquired the 100,000 sq ft arcade along with four other UK centres and has plans to invest in it’s regeneration.

NewRiver’s Allan Lockhart is quoted as saying:

“We are looking to re-establish the centre and instigate investment. We are close to the council who are keen to see regeneration and inward investment to the town centre and we will be working closely with them to bring about significant improvements.”

North Tyneside Council has been hoping for a buyer for the Forum as part of a scheme to regenerate Wallsend shopping facilities amid frustration from local residents who recently set up a campaign to save Wallsend shops.


    • james strachan on 15/02/2011 at 09:57
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    I am sorry for my rantings of Wallsend i was just upset my Man just left me and it was in Wallsend. I also suffer from depression which means i am sad all the time.

    REMARKS ABOUT BENTON REMOVED BY ADMIN ( This is a Wallsend site 🙂 )

  1. Wow … Jim, obviously your home town is not one of your favourite places.
    Your description of Wallsend is obviously your opinion but it does not bear any resemblance to the Town I know.
    It still is in fact a “half decent” place to live. I personally am Wallsend born & bred and though it has had it’s fair share of problems, there isn’t another Town in the UK I would rather live 🙂

    • james strachan on 15/01/2011 at 16:41
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    Wallsend was the place of my birth, at the top of benton way, where the Roman fort is now.
    I have sadly lived in the area all my life, and the greatest regret I have is that after being made redundant in 1986 from swan hunters, is that I did not emigrate to anywhere to get away from the drink, prostitute infested, drug adled hole of a town. If you want an idea what to do with wallsend, simply buy a fleet of bulldosers, as they did in paris, and flatten the lot and begin again.
    Renewing a few shops will do nothing to save what was once a half decent place to live. There is no culture, no community, no future, so i dread for the children, if anyone disagree’s try, bringing family or friends who are visiting from another part of the country, or world, for a night out in the heart of wallsend, this would be just like taking the lambs to the foxes.

    I have written this because no one else will admit it. Jim

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