The Wallsend Parks £5.3 Million Pound Regeneration Nears Completion

Vinery Wall Wallsend Hall GroundsWork to restore the Wallsend Parks has reached its final stage.

The restoration plan formed part of the overall Wallsend Town centre regeneration scheme and included restoring the lake, watercourses, play areas, bandstand and the whole Richardson Dees Park grounds, after the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant of 2.45 million pounds towards the cost of the works with the remainder being provided by North Tyneside Council.

The massive project also included a friends of Wallsend park plan to restore the landscape along the vinery wall and bringing back the forgotten Orchard to the Wallsend Hall grounds.

The focus of the second stage of the works concentrated on extending and refurbishing the Wallsend Bowls Pavilion and the Park Lodge, along with the closure of the Hall Grounds to allow for cleansing and re-development of the watercourses including new stream foundations. .

The regeneration also included the decluttering of the woodland and lake area in Richardson Dees Park, a new Cafe and Toilet extension to the Pavilion, new footpath surfacing, restoration of the Bandstand and Duffy Memorial Fountain, resurfacing of the Tennis Courts and creating a Multi-Use Games Area.

Although the work took a lot longer than was anticipated it has received an enthusiastic welcome from members of the Wallsend public.

The New Wallsend Park Pavillion & Bowls Club

The New Wallsend Park Pavillion & Bowls Club

Photo slideshow showing some of the ongoing restoration work.


    • Andrew Nutmeg on 05/01/2018 at 16:51
    • Reply

    WHY ? is the Park Lane NOT regularly checked for silt and litter rubbish?

    • Arthur Renwick on 22/01/2012 at 16:11
    • Reply

    Over the last fifty years i have see the lake at the park draind and cleaned several times only to silt up again and again and again you must solve the problem of the silt or it will just happen again with the lake silting up you dont get any fish or frogs newts anything.The malards that are there are just living of people feeding them there is no life in the water

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