New Tyne Tunnel Project Becomes Fully Operational In Wallsend & Jarrow

A four year wait comes to an end today when the new Tyne Tunnel Project becomes fully operational between Willington Quay & East Howdon in Wallsend, North Tyneside & Jarrow in South Tyneside.

The New Tyne Crossing project which started 4 years ago has ended with a second vehicle tunnel being built & opened to the public. The project is/was one of the biggest transport infrastructure projects currently active in Great Britain.


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  1. Ron Coulson

    As a Wallsend lad working and living in Thailand it would be nice if you updated your web site, i like to keep in touch with my home town events and news

    1. The Tynesider

      The site if you look back is updated from time to time, however, as the feedback from members of the Wallsend public is “practically non existent” other projects ( i.e. http://www.howaythelads.com ) tend to get more attention :S .. In time, when fellow Wallsender’s realise what an opportunity they have to help build a great local online community this could change.

      However, I am glad you found the site and left a comment 🙂

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