The Ritz Wallsend

The now renovated Ritz bingo hall in Wallsend

The Ritz Façade In Wallsend

What seems like only a few years ago members of the Wallsend public would have been having a bite to eat at home before heading out to play a game of Bingo or two.

Before that even (pre-1962 cinema at the Ritz) they might have been getting ready to go and see a new cinema release

The Ritz Cinema was renamed and transformed into the” Mecca Bingo Hall in 1962 but the bingo club was eventually closed in 2011 and has now been transformed (by Wetherspoon’s) at a cost near to 2 million pounds into a huge new restaurant/public house, once again “officially” called The Ritz.

Though this huge locally iconic building situated on High Street West in Wallsend town centre has obviously undergone some dramatic changes over the years, the new owners have kept some of the memory of the old uses for the building alive, with some quietly spoken touches both inside and outside the building.

The following photo gallery will give you an Idea of the changes that have been made and what you can look forward to when you go for a meal and a drink at the Ritz, Wallsend.



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    • peter taylor on 30/05/2019 at 08:34
    • Reply

    Pity you were not knocking about 15 years ago when Mr Liddy`s staff from his franchise? trashed our club
    [Labour Club] and refused ourselves even to clean it up. Looking back we should of sent 30/40 blokes and
    done the same to his place to celebrate xmas: !

    Peter Taylor / Secretary
    Wallsend Labour Club

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