Portugal Place Patients Participation Group Meet In The Newly Refurbished Wallsend Memorial Hall

The newly formed Patient Participation Group (PPG) for the Portugal Place health centre met this evening in the newly refurbished Memorial Hall, in Wallsend town centre.

Patients from the Portugal Place Medical Centre talked about recent & upcoming NHS changes which could have an effect on how they are cared for in the future.

Discussions included the appointment process as well as the accessibility of the practice, right through to how the changes to the NHS could impact the medical treatment of varicose veins, Alzheimer’s & even home medical care for more elderly patients.

Members of the PPG were also introduced to members of a handpicked patient participation group commitee who already act on the behalf of over the over 1600 registered patients at the central Wallsend health centre.

Further meetings were promised in the new year and you can get more information about participating in further meetings at the link highlighted above.

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