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Wallsend Dene & Waggonway

Wallsend Dene

One of the largest and most diverse local conservation resources, Wallsend Dene & Waggonway is an important wildlife corridor linking the river Tyne to the heart of the borough of North Tyneside.

Wallsend Dene was designated as a local Nature Reserve in 2005 an is also a site of Nature conservation interest.

The reserve is a mosaic of ancient grassland and scru with areas of more formal parkland that supports a range of wildlife as well as providing breeding sites for a number of bird species including songthrushes, magpies, linnet’s and great tit’s.

The Dene contains two areas of high conservation value, namely Burn Closes Pasture (under & to each side of Burn Closes Bridge) & Willington Gut’s Saltmarsh which leads your through to Willington Boating Club in Willington Marina & the River Tyne.

It also is the start of the Waggonway trail from Wallsend Dene up through to the Rising Sun Country Park and on to Killingworth High Pitt.


Wallsend Dene Stream


The following slideshow (which will be regularly updated) shows pictures of the Wallsend Dene, including photos of Burn Closes Pasture & Willington Gut Saltmarsh, as well as the Wallsend section of the Killingworth Waggonway.

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