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The Burn Closes Bridge Demolition & Reconstruction

The old Burn Closes bridge or the Burn Bridge as it is/was locally known was a well used traffic and pedestrian bridge that linked the people from the Wallsend areas of Howdon, Holy Cross and Battle Hill to the main part of Wallsend in North Tyneside.

Erected in 1912 as a bridge over the Wallsend Burn and a stream that fed into Willington Gut in Willington Quay in Wallsend.

This less well known but just as memorable listed bridge which was built across the Wallsend Burn from Holy Cross to the junction of High Street East and Church Bank has now been demolished as it was no longer deemed safe to use.

The Demolition Of The Old Bridge


It was temporarily replaced by a pedestrian bridge which has now been replaced by a new foot, bike and road bridge at a cost of £4.2 million in a project that was originally estimated would take up to two years to complete.

The Reconstruction Of The New Burn Closes Bridge

The faults in the bridge were actually spotted early after it was built and could have been put right then at a cost of only £11’000.

Vandalism Of The Burn Closes Pedestrian Bridge

The temporary pedestrian bridge which was vital for school children going to school at the Burnside and St Peters primary schools was hit by vandals soon after it was opened. At the time we reported that shortly after opening the bridge was damaged by vandals, which followed on the heels of another report which shows the vandalism that …

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