Return to Battle Hill, Wallsend From Old To New In Photos

The Rising Sun Farm and the Rising Sun Country Park In Photos

Access to The Rising Sun Farm and the Rising Sun Country Park is free and open to all.

There are walking trails and picnic areas situated throughout the park as well as the country park’s countryside centre with it’s children’s play areas, visitor centre, shop & restaurant.

Fresh organic home-grown produce can be purchased at the farm which can be accessed via a trail leading from the rear of Battle Hill & Hadrian Park in Wallsend and via the old coast rd either side of the Asda Superstore.

The following photos give you a glimpse of the country trails & wildlife available to all visitors.

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    • Tw on 16/07/2020 at 07:47
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    Remember when the old pit heap was levelled out and landscaped about 1973 I think.
    Our school..the buddle…sent me and a school pal Steve up to plant saplings on the south side ,looking towards the rising sun cottages.
    We called into my mams house to get my dads spades, and our teacher ,mr Thackeray, turned up in his Saab,with the saplings in the boot,..think we planted 30 or 40…one of the first to do that…

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