Free Open Air Gym In Wallsend Park

An open air Gym has been opened for free use by members of the public visiting Richardson Dees park in Wallsend.

The North Tyneside Council gym which comprises of various pieces of  fitness equipment which has been adapted for outdoor use & protection from the weather, sits below the Wallsend Park Tennis courts.


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    • Kirsty C on 20/03/2012 at 16:27
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    I seen these today & I think it’s such a good idea. Especially in an area with high unemployment,in which the residents might not be able to afford a gym membership. It shows the local authority is at least trying to help out those who want to get into shape but are suffering financially. I have heard comments saying it will get took over by ‘radgies’ but today I walked past and seen 2 middle aged guys really pumping it! Good on them.

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