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Wallsend Town News & Events gives you a chance to air your view about any subject covered in any of the sections of our site by offering a comment facility below each post as well as offering you the opportunity to post your  local news and events our visitors might find interesting.

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Though we cannot be held responsible for the comments left by visitors to this website, we will attempt to moderate and remove comments that are likely to be found offensive but as we are human, sometimes we may not spot comments which some other readers may find objectionable. If you find a comment that you feel is unacceptable please contact us and let us know.

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We reserve the right to reject any comments which:

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  • Contain swear words or other language likely to offend
  • Break the law, condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court
  • Are seen to impersonate someone else
  • Are being repeatedly posted (known as “spam”)

Please Note: In order to protect our visitors from objectionable material, all comments are moderated and links are checked before appearing on any part of our site and will appear a.s.a.p. after moderation has taken place.

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