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Wallsend Town Rebukes “Slum” Report

A report by a Bloomberg “reporter” states that Wallsend has become a Slum.

Proof for this Bloomberg “reporters” assertion that “Hadrian’s Town” (Wallsend) has become a slum (and perhaps in a misguided attempt to give his article some gravitas) comes from the fact that that he quotes a worker at a second hand shop on High Street East who says “people are coming in even to buy toys” and a member of the Wallsend public who he quotes as saying from what it was to now, it’s just a slum

Read the truly  “exclusive” (yeh right) report by clicking here …

As you can see in his “so called” report, he mentions nothing about the inward investment such as the over 4 million pounds that at the time was being spent on replacing a pedestrian and road bridge that leads directly on to exactly the same street/road as the second hand shop he reports about.

There is no mention nor  pictures of the refurbished Wallsend Forum or the multi million investment into the regeneration of Battle Hill or even in fact the multi millions were about to be spent on the new state of the art wallsend swimming pool & fitness centre.

The pool incidentally is built next to the Burnside Business & Enterprise College which just happens to be a bit further down the same road in Wallsend as the second hand furniture store.

Quotes” (shown below) to try to substantiate his report of Wallsend as a slum included those of local businessman Kuldeep Mahal, who has owns a fish-and-chip shop on Laurel Street in Wallsend and Garry Marshall the manager of  the local Wallsend Boys Club

As a town, obviously Wallsend has had it’s fair share of problems which mainly stems from the closures at Swan Hunter’s Wallsend ship yard, however, he is absolutely wrong in what he writes.

We were so incensed by this (at best) unreliable reporting that we sent a slimmed down version of this “counter argument” to Bloomberg itself (they only allow 600 characters)

We still await their reply (if any) and of course we also await any comments you the Wallsend public or even the people quoted in the article/report may have.

As for the revelation that “people go in to the second hand shop to buy toys“, well what is wrong with being thrifty or frugal and why (in the report at least) does the shop worker instead of praising his customers thriftiness seem to be insinuating that all the customers who buy from the shop are people who can’t afford to buy new?

Other Quotes From The Article

“People used to go out on a Friday and Saturday night and get food on the way back, now they don’t have the money”

Attributed in the report as a quote from a local fish shop proprietor

“You saw kids who came here and had new clothes every few weeks. Over the last four to eight months, you don’t see that anymore”

Attributed in the report as a quote from Alan Marshall of Wallsend boys club


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    • Yvonovich on 28/04/2015 at 12:54
    • Reply

    There seems to be no recent comments so I don’t know if this is live but here goes.
    I have lived in Wallsend for 60 years and its fortunes have gone up and down. There have always been slum dwellings in Wallsend and the people to go with them but hey what can you expect when their aspirations are zero.
    Conversely there have always been those who have done their best to live decently and improve their surroundings and proud to call themselves ‘Wallsenders’. There has almost constantly been some form of regeneration going on (for better or worse).
    The current regeneration – to the Forum, ex shipyard, park etc, sounds impressive so here’s hoping it will instill some pride in the community.
    On the downside I agree with the comments of litter and especially now ‘no smoking allowed’ lots of ‘fag ends’ on the High St. The subways ARE a toilet and I confronted a youngster relieving himself and got verbal abuse but there are dollops too and not just doggy poo, I need to walk through with blinkers on and a peg on my nose. But instead of negativity the thing is what can we do to improve things?

    1. Sorry there were no recent comments on this page, but comments are spread throughout the site depending on what is being commented on.

      The particular post you have commented on is quite an old one so well done for finding it.

      I apologise for the lateness of approving your comment but my family recently suffered a bereavement and I have been otherwise engaged.

      Thanks for your timely comment though 🙂 very much appreciated and you made up my mind to update my » Discover Wallsend « page so people can see more about what I think of Wallsend …

      Yes we have problems and maybe if we work together we can start sorting these problems out … but all in all I think we live in a fantastic town that apart from Wallsend town centre, also incorporates High Farm, Westholme Farm, Battle Hill, Hadrian Park, Howdon, Holy Cross & Rosehill and Willington Quay 🙂

    • Glenn on 21/10/2012 at 12:33
    • Reply

    I agree, with most of the above. Wallsend is not a slum. It is no worse than many towns up and down the country who have suffered from economic downturns.

    However, our town does need serious inward investment. New River Retail’s proposals to upgrade the Forum Shopping Centre should help, but that effort needs to be accompanied by North Tyneside Council and Wallsend residents and business people (if they can do so) taking or pushing for firm action to be taken against landlords who allow their properties to fall into states of complete disrepair.

    Heading into town from the Duke of York, to the boundary that is Border Road, the south side of the High Street sees a plethora of small retail properties all boarded up. Most are falling apart (or certainly look as though they are) or in need or serious repair and paintwork and many have been in such a position for a few years. Allowing properties to fall to such a low standard does nothing to attract people into the town. A compulsory purchase of that whole row of shops (including the pubs) would not go amiss. At least much of Hedley Place is up for re-development as part of the Forum regeneration which is a good thing but there is some serious clearance work needed in other locations if the town is going to have a chance of standing tall on its own feet again.

    • Will lee on 17/03/2012 at 19:26
    • Reply

    Wallsend high st now sadly smells of grease from the ever growing amount of foriegn food takeaways, its disgusting. My familiy have all moved away and when they come to visit are horrified, we had to walk holding our noses one night. Whats happened to our town, its full of forieners?.

    1. The way you put your complaint about the number of takeaways is what’s disgusting … You should be ashamed and careful of posting/saying things which could be viewed as using racist language … which if you don’t already know is now illegal !!

    • Gerry on 14/04/2011 at 23:24
    • Reply

    These people who let their dogs mess on the footpaths should be made to eat it!

    Regarding the bins, do NOT leave your bins in the back lane, they make it easy for burglars can use them to climb over your back wall into your yard quite easily. We had scrap men use ours to get over the wall to rob some scrap metal.

    • Thomson on 31/03/2011 at 02:19
    • Reply

    Ha, lack of sleep is turning me into a curmudgeon. Wheelie bin is safe for now (I’ve got it protected with motion sensors, OK I’m kidding) but only a few of us in my street don’t leave the bins out all the time. Still get the occasional letter from the council asking to take them in after they’re emptied because they’re littering the back lanes. The letter goes straight in the bin. Gotta love irony. “Good & bad in every town” Just keep your sense of humour an’ your laughing. Ha.

    • Thomson on 29/03/2011 at 23:55
    • Reply

    Unfortunately I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I expect some of these owners have homes that are maintained no better than the animals they’re supposed to care for. Whether that’s true or not there are those who seem to share a lack of respect for where they live, especially judging by how many people don’t mind leaving empty cans on people’s walls or drop litter as they walk along, even though there might be a bin just few meters in front of them. To these people a fence is an opportunity to see how good their throwing arm is and a garden is just a glorified bin. Why should they feel any responsibility like the rest of us? Why should they expend valuable energy finding an actual bin when a street cleaner will just pick up after them? That’s what they’re there for, right? Anyway, those big green bins you find in back lanes make really good goal posts and are much better at entertaining drunks on the way home.

    1. 🙂 … wow Thomson, someone has rocked your boat ( or wheelie bin) recently haven’t they. Good & bad in every town mate, Wallsend is no different ..

    • Thomson on 28/03/2011 at 13:13
    • Reply

    Wallsend is not a slum. But the amount of dog mess (I hope it’s just dogs) I regularly see on pavements around here and the smell of it that I encountered when I collected the bins this morning. That couple with some people’s lack of respect for their fellow residents, which includes dropping litter where ever they please does not help the area’s reputation.

    1. Perhaps, those who allow dog fouling (and they know who they are) found it on their doorstep then they might act differently :S

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