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The 2009 Get Tough On Knives Campaign.

In 2009 we commented on the get tough on knives campaign in Wallsend

A police campaign to get rid of dangerous knives was brought in to sharp focus with the sight of police officers scanning people for knives at the Metro station in Wallsend town centre.

The action followed an amnesty which offered people the opportunity to get rid of any knives legally.

The amnesty, which was part of the “get tough on knives campaign” saw 96 knives being handed in from people in North Tyneside which includes the town of Wallsend.

Now that the amnesty is over the stark warning from Northumbria police to “anyone” who is considering carrying a knife is that if you get caught with a knife in public, without a very good reason, you “will” be arrested and charged.

Though the sight of police officers stopping and scanning ordinary members of the Wallsend public with hand held metal detectors could become a regular occurrence we think it is a small price to pay to protect our young people.

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