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In order to keep our news and events section up to date and relevant we needed to remove older news items from our latest news posts section.

Below are some of the news items we posted in our old blog.

2010/07/05Burnside Business & Enterprise College formerly known as the Burnside School was at the centre of a bomb scare after earlier reports that a pupil had taken a knife into school before inflicting harm on himself.

Northumbria Police closed off the Burn Closes Bridge in Wallsend and the Police & Fire Service attended the scene.

2010/07/16 – New North Tyneside Area Command Headquarters Prompts Change To Opening Hours Of North Tyneside Police Stations

People across North Tyneside have been asked to give their opinion on changes to the opening hours of North Tyneside police stations due to take effect because of the new police headquarters currently being built in Wallsend which is due to open in November.
The new headquarters currently being built at Middle Engine Lane (next to B&Q) in Wallsend will be open 24 hours a day and replace the current Wallsend station.

Chief Superintendent Gary Calvert, of North Tyneside Area Command said:

“I wish to reassure you that there will be no reduction in the accessibility or visibility of police resources in the Wallsend area as a result of these changes.

Your views are important to us, so please do have your say on whether or not these changes to our police station opening times will affect you.”

Read the full press release here

Wallsend Town Hall is flying the flag for England in support of the English Teams attempt to win World Cup in South Africa.

In a positive response to all those local conspiracy theorists who claimed that North Tyneside Council would not be raising the flag to support England in the World Cup for fear of offending the other nationalities in our town and as our picture shows, these fears were & are simply not true.

2010/07/17  – 31% Of Wallsend Youngsters Still Living In Low Income Households – That is the shocking statistic revealed by recent North East Data released by a charity aimed at ending child poverty which compares to an overall average of 23% for the North Tyneside area as a whole.


Newcastle Upon Tyne East and Wallsend 31%
North Tyneside 23%
Low income households as classed as those where no-one is working more than 16 hours a week or where full time workers are receiving the full amount of Working Tax Credit.
Children from disadvantaged families are more likely to be born underweight than babies in the richest families and are also two and a half times more likely to suffer chronic illness as toddlers and twice as likely to have cerebral palsy. These shocking statistics are also surprising in that the measure used to determine that a person is classed as living in poverty is if all of the people in the household have an average of only £10.00 per day to live on.
With this in mind we ask you to see what you can do to support the “end child poverty campaign“.

The 2009 Get Tough On Knives Campaign.

In 2009 we commented on the get tough on knives campaign in Wallsend A police campaign to get rid of dangerous knives was brought in to sharp focus with the sight of police officers scanning people for knives at the Metro station in Wallsend town centre. The action followed an amnesty which offered people the …

Wallsend Town Rebukes “Slum” Report

A report by a Bloomberg “reporter” states that Wallsend has become a Slum. Proof for this Bloomberg “reporters” assertion that “Hadrian’s Town” (Wallsend) has become a slum (and perhaps in a misguided attempt to give his article some gravitas) comes from the fact that that he quotes a worker at a second hand shop on High Street …

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