Rebuilding The Forgotten Orchard

The following pictures and slideshow show the ongoing project to re-open the long forgotten Orchard, which once helped feed patients from the Swan Hunter memorial hospital, once situated above the Wallsend Hall grounds in the Village Green, Wallsend.

Richardson Dees park in Wallsend and hall grounds once had abundant fruit bearing trees.

The vinery wall in the Hall grounds, dates back to the beginning of the end of the 18th Century and used to support abundant grape vines and other soft fruit trees. However, over the years these fruit bearing plants and trees gradually died out or had been replaced by other types of plant.

Now, however, plans are well underway to re-plant the grape vines along the vinery wall, as well planting plum, pear, fig, grapevine & even apple trees in and around the vinery wall to breathe new life into the once forgotten orchard.

This new lease of life is due entirely to the efforts of the friends of Wallsend park, who are carrying out work on the site after passing an application process for big lottery changing spaces funding.


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Panoramic view of the forgotten orchard

The Forgotten Orchard - Click For Larger View

Fruits which the Wallsend Hall visitors will see bear fruit in the coming years.

damascene Ficus carica malus_sylvestrus pyrus communis_beurre_hardy prunes_domestica vīnea_grapevine














Updated Photo’s of the work taking place (latest updates 14/06/2013)

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