Former Mayor Chosen As Howdon Ward Councillor – Wallsend Council Elections 2011


Updated 07/05/11

Former North Tyneside Elected Mayor John Harrison has been elected as a Labour Party councillor in the May 2011 Council elections after local members of Wallsend’s Howdon branch Labour Party announced they had selected him to represent them and he received a comfortable majority in the election held on the 5th May 2011.

Former head of the 31-strong opposition Labour group on North Tyneside Council & a Councillor on North Tyneside Council for 21 years,  John Harrison, is running in the smaller Howdon Ward after former representative David Charlton decided to step down in order to spend more time with his family.

The Wallsend Councillor Nominations Were.

Howdon, Wallsend

  • BATTEN Robert – Lives: Wallsend – Party: National Front
  • HARRISON John – Lives: Cramlington – Party: Labour Party – Elected
  • MOAT Paul – Lives: Wallsend  – Party: Liberal Democrats

Battle Hill, Wallsend

  • BRADLEY Dorothy – Lives: Wallsend – Party: Liberal Democrat
  • SPILLARD Lesley – Lives: Wallsend – Party: The Labour Party – Elected

Wallsend Town Centre

  • COLLINS Martin – Lives: Wallsend – Party: The Green Party
  • HUSCROFT Nigel – Lives: Wallsend – Party: Liberal Democrat
  • MATTINSON MA Alan – Lives: Wallsend Party: Independent
  • RUTHERFORD Jules – Lives: Wallsend – Party: The Labour Party – Elected

Northumberland Ward (The Northumberland Ward lies either side of Station Road between Rutland Road & Whitley Road which includes part of central Wallsend and Hadrian Lodge estate)

  • ORD David – Lives: Wallsend – Party: Liberal Democrat – Elected
  • REDHEAD Malcolm – Lives: Wallsend – Party: The Labour Party

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    • Segedunum on 30/05/2011 at 10:58
    • Reply

    Having being elected on perceived failure of NATIONAL politics from the LibDems rather than on local issues, Jules Rutherford is looking forward to serving the people of Wallsend.
    Will Jules be as pro-active as the LibDem he displaced, keeping us informed with regular newsletters and challenging NTC decisions, or will he disappear from view until the next election as Socialist and Conservative candidates usually do in Wallsend?

  1. Hi there

    It’s a real honour to have been elected to serve Wallsend Ward and be the first Labour Councillor elected in Wallsend for 27 years. I am so looking forward to serving the people of Wallsend in the years to come and returning Wallsend to the thriving community it should be.

    Great site!

      • John Stone on 27/09/2011 at 12:01
      • Reply

      Hi, my name is John Stone.

      My daughter laura has severe learning disabilities and has had to move house because she has had trouble with her next door neighbour. The house she has been given is in a very run down condition and is definitely not suitable, however, the council has only given her two weeks to move in. This is not possible and it’s also very stressful for her. I hope you can help to resolve the sittuation as this should not be happening to someone in her condition.

      yours john stone

      1. Hi John, thanks for the comment (which I have taken the liberty of tidying up :P) unfortunately this does not mean that it will be seen by the relevant people. Plus because there is not enough information, I do not suppose anyone (the Mayor, MP or a Councillor) will be able to make contact with you.

        I don’t know which area you come, from so I can’t offer any contact details for your local rep, however, you will find a list of relevant contacts for Wallsend at
        – just click the link then click on a name to find contact details of that Wallsend representative.

        I have also sent a tweet to Jules Rutherford about your comment, I hope this helps 😀 … please let me/us all know

    • Segedunum on 07/05/2011 at 11:22
    • Reply

    So John Harrison has been elected as a Councillor for Howdon – how can you trust a man who appeared to say he was leaving politics for good when he was rejected as mayor whatever his politics?

    1. Anybody can have a change of mind, and as they say, if at first you don’t succeed, try try try & try again :), he did & won again !

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