Wallsenders Come To Terms With New North Tyneside Council Tax Changes

counciltaxchangesWallsender’s receiving there new Council Tax bills from North Tyneside Council, have started to notice some quite stark changes because Council Tax Benefit has been abolished from April 2013 and replaced by the Council’s own scheme, which they have renamed Council Tax Support.

The biggest change to hit already hard pressed Wallsend household’s will be that anyone of working age who received a full rebate on the tax bill in previous years will now have to contribute around 7% of their total bill for the year 2013/2014.

Wallsend pensioners are protected through national regulations so they will see no change in the way their entitlement is calculated under Council Tax Support.

The council says that this is because the grant the council receives from the UK Government has been reduced and so the council are having to do things differently, but says it will continue to work out entitlement by comparing a person’s income and capital against an applicable amount taking into account whether the claimant is single, part of a couple, has children or is disabled.

For those under pensionable age Council Tax Support is based on 93% of the Council Tax liability after any discounts, which means that someone under pensionable age, living in a band A property, claiming single person discount, will have to pay around £52.00 per year more than the previous year. In some circumstances a charge for non-dependants (adult sons or daughters) living with the claimant may also be applied depending on their circumstances.

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