Council Seeks Injunctions To Keep Feuding Gangs Off Howdon Streets

North Tyneside’s Safer Estates Team have so far been granted 11 ASBI’s or Anti Social Behaviour Injunctions (out of an intended 14) in an attempt to keep fueding Gang members off the streets of Howdon in Wallsend.

Members of a Gang who were part of a pre-arranged fight, left one man fighting for his life in April 2011 after they fought each other with Swords. Machete’s & Knives.

The tough stance brought in conjuntion with Northumbria Police was a recent winner in the Social Landlords Crime & Nuisance Groups Awards as well as a Partnership Award in the Northumbria Police Excellence Awards.

The gang members risk a jail term of up to 2 years if they breach the injunctions.

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