Wallsend Business Links

The Wallsend Business Links Section is dedicated to introducing visitors to members of the Wallsend business community.

The aim of this newly updated section along with our Wallsend business news category is offer constantly updated information about businesses, business premises, retail stores & service providers that operate or have a business presence in and around Wallsend town centre.

This new interactive section will allow our visitors who run a business in Wallsend, to submit their business details to be highlighted in posts displayed in our Wallsend business categories sections including our business submissions section.

Please note: many old free links have been disabled and some photos are not on view while we rebuild this section in preparation for a more professional roll out in 2017.

The areas covered will also include the Wallsend areas of Battle Hill, Rosehill, Howdon, Willington Quay, Wallsend Silverlink, Westholme Farm & High Farm and of course Wallsend town centre including the Wallsend Forum.

We will also soon offer the facility to these local businesses to update their business details on a regular basis with any new daily & weekly offers they wish to make their local customers aware of.


    • Anita louden on 06/27/2015 at 05:21
    • Reply

    Why can’t I find any category that mentons businesses on the high street, found ever other category. After all people like myself take great pride in being a service to our community for a long time and enjoy it too.

    1. Hi Anita.

      There is a business links section in the making which gives a link to a business submissions section.

      To be honest, having business people like yourself, contributing questions/views on the site is very occasional, but always welcome.

      I have always intended to build a proper Wallsend business directory section, however, as I run this site in my spare time, normal work and life always seems to get in the way of my personal time 😛 ( as you probably know 🙂 ).

      In the mean time feel free to let me know about your business and I will look at including it in the business submissions section a.s.a.p. 🙂

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