2012 Wallsend Council Elections Results

In the recent 2012 council elections Labour gained both the Wallsend ward & the Battle Hill wards, while holding on to the Howdon ward. The Liberal Democrats held onto the *Northumberland ward.

Wallsend Ward – Labour Gain

Gary Anthony Madden (Labour) 1,095

Michael Joseph Huscroft (Liberal Democrat) 1,089

Philip Wilson (Conservative) 95


Battle Hill Ward – Labour Gain

Carl Johnson (Labour) – 1,556

Christopher Croft (Liberal Democrat) – 883

Alan Furness (Conservative) – 175


Howdon Ward – Labour Hold

John Hunter (Labour) – 1,632

Bob Baten (National Front) – 224

Colin Finlay (Liberal Democrats) – 167


Northumberland Ward – Liberal Democrat Hold

Nigel Huscroft (Liberal Democrats) – 1,165

Tony Stephenson (Labour) – 929

Barbara Bake (Conservative) – 92



  • The Northumberland Ward lies either side of Station Road between Rutland Road & Whitley Road which includes part of central Wallsend and Hadrian Lodge estate.

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