Discover The Town Of Wallsend

The Town Of Wallsend In North Tyneside

The Town Of Wallsend In North Tyneside

Wallsend is a historic town in the borough of North Tyneside on the banks of the river Tyne built at the North Eastern end of Emperor Hadrian’s Roman Wall. 

Progress in the ongoing redevelopment of Wallsend is continuing with the continuing redevelopment of the Wallsend shopping precinct in the town centre, including the demolition of Hedley court along with the future proof business hub development of the former former Swan Hunters shipyard.

The restoration work carried out at Richardson Dees Park which now gives thousands of children somewhere to play, while a massive amount of work has gone into restoring the Wallsend Hall Grounds and Wallsend arboretum, creating a scenic wildlife and floral corridor which also includes Wallsend dene & wagon way.

This fantastic track of suburban countryside runs generously through the heart of Wallsend and is a perfect playground for both children and adults to enjoy throughout the spring, summer. autumn & even winter months.

The regeneration of Battle Hill including the building of a new shopping precinct, the building of a second Tyne road tunnel and the refurbishment of the Tyne pedestrian tunnel in Willington Quay are visible signs of the significant amount of money being spent on the further development of the town of Wallsend.

This follows the demolition and rebuilding of Burn Closes Bridge, which links the communities of Holy Cross, Rosehill & Howdon to Wallsend town centre, along with building of the multi-million pound swimming pool attached to Burnside Enterprise College in recent years.

Though this progress seems slow to some Wallsender’s, a vast amount of new money has already being earmarked to be spent on the town and its suburbs.

The towns historic name Segedunum which translates to “strong fort” is visible on many of the town’s various road signs and the plans for the future will hopefully mean the Wallsend communities continue to stabilise & thrive well into the future.

Our mixture of local articles, links, comments, photo’s, slide-shows and videos will help to keep you informed and up to date with the latest important news and events from in and around the town of Wallsend in North Tyneside, as well as reminding you of Wallsend’s rich and historic past.

Individual photo’s of Wallsend’s areas can also be found at the link below.

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  1. mel murray

    Why has North Tyneside Council very little commitment to the youngsters of Wallsend?

    Why was it not possible to rebuild Wallsend Boys Club on the same site where it had been standing for many years? Surely if they had the skills to build a new one on Rheydt Avenue, they could have rebuilt the old one in the original place.

    Was it because the Council wanted to sell the land, and that sale was more important than the welfare of hundreds of young people who now have lost a valuable asset?

    Hands up anyone who thinks that Wallsend Boys Club is still a going concern and catering for hordes of youngsters every night?

    Step forward, please, anyone who thinks that the club still provides five a side facilities for all the kids who were seen happily lugging their haversacks up and down Station Road in readiness for their eagerly awaited game?

    Gather round all who think that hundreds of kids will be ‘off the streets’ and having fun at the Bigges Main club during next week’s half term holiday.

    The reality is that the Boy’s Club is effectively closed. Only the name still exists.The Rheydt Avenue is rarely open. I have been there on many occasions at different times and found the gates locked. There are no opening times displayed. The schools are on holiday next week but it will easier to spot a Tasmanian Devil going through the gates than a school kid.

    Your correspondent Ted Frobisher is right in noticing that the Council have quite a few sites that could have been used by the Boys’ Club, but don’t seem to have been offered. Surely with a bit of tinkering, Wallsend Library or the old Buddle School would have made an ideal Boys’ Club.

    Before I get off my soapbox.—- If it was not safe to rebuild the old Club, can the surveyors give a guarantee that the occupiers of the new dwellings can sleep soundly in their beds?

  2. Ted Frobisher

    Can anyone tell me if Wallsend Boys’ Club is still open. I’ve been past the premises on Rheydt Avenue several times, but the gates are always closed, even during the summer holidays.

      1. Ted Frobisher

        Thanks for your reply. I have contacted the manager of the Boys’ Club who tells me that the Rheydt Avenue premises is a ‘training facility’ only. Further investigations seem to indicate that the club is no longer in existence the way it was in the old Station Road days.

        This is a great pity because the big attraction were the five a side leagues which allowed all grades of kids to partake in competitive sport, a great character builder and even better for keeping ‘kids off the streets’. There does not seem to be the facilities for five a side any more.

        When the Station Road club was knocked down, the Trustees said that the Rheydt Avenue site would allow all the facilities to be in the same place. This has not happened.

        It is puzzling why the new club (almost in Newcastle) was built when there are several buildings in Wallsend which would have served the purpose much better. Wallsend Library would have been ideal. The old Drill Hall, Town Hall, Fire Station, Buddle School and others would have saved the cost of a new building. Were these ever considered?

        I don’t think the kids in Wallsend have been given a very good deal. In the unlikely event of the Rheydt Avenue site ever providing a full programme of facilities including a five a side pitch, there’s no way on earth any parents are going to let their children head up to Bigges Main on a dark winter night. Bring Wallsend Boys’Club back to where it belongs—-Wallsend.

        1. The Tynesider

          I also heard (around the time of the old Wallsend boys club demolition) that the boys club trustees were discussing using the site or a site “nearby” to the boys club pitches at Bigges Main, for a new boys club run in the same way as the old one.

          Lets hope this is still being planned or “as you say” another boys club being set up in the Wallsend area.

  3. Ted Frobisher

    Can anyone tell me if there are any spiritualist churches in Wallsend, please?

    1. The Tynesider

      Yes – Wallsend Spiritualist Church is across the road from the Allen Memorial Methodist Church on Park Road in Wallsend.

      1. Ted Frobisher

        Many thanks.

  4. Ted Frobisher

    I’ve heard that the old Buddle School is to be reopened as training centre for young people. Could anyone confirm this, please?

  5. Ted Frobisher

    I’ve heard that the Council have had a request from a group of people who want to build a mosque in Wallsend. Is this true?

  6. Ted Frobisher

    Could anyone tell me if the Town Hall is still open, please.

  7. Janine Jordan

    The statue (of the woman with the basket) originally stood by the now iceland area, when the forum was an open air site. It’s official name is “Market woman” and is by the artist Hans Schwartz, installed in 1965 and moved when the site was later regenerated.

    1. The Tynesider

      Thanks Janine :)

  8. The Tynesider

    On behalf of Margaret I. McDoanld … can anyone tell us who designed/made the stained glass windows in the Town Hall please? … ( original comment was asked at )

    1. The Tynesider

      I don’t know is the answer, hopefully one of our visitors can answer it for you :)

      You may like to know that a Warden guided tour of the Wallsend Town Hall detailing the history and operation of the civic duties & history of the town hall buildings, including the old Wallsend baths, police court and fire station is set to be held on Friday 13th September at 1000, 1100, 1300 & 1400 …

  9. Clare Howland

    Hi, can any-one tell me about the statue outside the Anson of the Lady with basket on her head thanks

  10. Margaret Graham

    Looking for old photos from 1960 onwards, I am now living in Halifax and would like to see old photos from when I lived in Howdon. I went to Hadrian School.

    ADMIN: You could check out the Wallsend Photo Gallery, loads of Wallsend photos there :)

    1. gary madden

      checkout wallsend memories on facebook.

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